• Cincinnati Region Highlighted by the Brookings Institution

    Earlier this month, the Cincinnati region was highlighted by the Brookings Institution as a region that is prioritizing inclusive economic growth. The recently released study, “Institutionalizing inclusive growth: Rewiring systems to rebuild local economies,” featured Heartland cities and focused on their initiatives that leverage public, private, and civic efforts to build inclusive local economies. The Workforce […]

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  • The Benefits of Fair Chance Hiring

    fair chance hiring job interview

    When addressing the impact of criminal convictions and prison on our society, we look to the numbers. Roughly 1 in 5 of the world’s incarcerated population are housed in the United States. Furthering this, the SHRM Foundation states that 78 million Americans, or a quarter of the population, has a criminal record.   These facts exercise […]

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  • Work-based Learning 101

    A man teaching a young man how to operate a machine

      Work-based learning (WBL) is not a new concept. Undoubtedly, it has changed over the years and will continue to, especially as younger generations like Generation Z enter the workforce. Generation Z is known for being the generation raised with technology, however they are also eager to learn, making WBL an attractive teaching and training […]

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  • Workplace Culture and Cultivating Your Collective

    Work team meeting and celebrating around a table

    Hello, my name is Dr. Kevin Sansberry. I am a behavioral scientist and lead consultant with the Workforce Innovation Center. Earlier this month, I had the privilege to share the virtual stage with leaders from a variety of backgrounds for Gilman Partners’ 7 Strategies to attract, retain and engage talent in 2022. It is important […]

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