January is Mental Wellness month and our region is rich with resources to help you and your employees to support stronger mental health and wellness. The pandemic has caused dramatic changes and increased stress which have adversely affected mental well-being. “There’s a name for that blah you’re feeling, it’s called languishing” was The New York Time’s most-read article in 2021. This resonates with how people are feeling and broaches the subject of mental health which may be affecting your business as a reason for employee disengagement and turnover. Below are resources and tips which may help your business. 

Northern Kentucky company and Cincinnati Chamber member Tier1 Performance shares the reasons why we should talk about mental health. They also provide resources for employers to start the Conversation about mental health and well-being within organizations.  

Do your employees know what is available through your Health Insurance provider or Employer Assistance Programs? Hosting information sessions or sending reminders of available resources can help educate your workforce and show your support.  

Various organizations in our region provide mental health resources to people in the broader community ranging from crisis support to counseling. Talbert House serves Hamilton County and four Ohio counties. NorthKey Community Care serves eight Northern Kentucky counties. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral also serves the Greater Cincinnati area.