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On October 25, I joined colleagues from the Talent Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati and IBEW, Cincinnati Compass, and Supply Chain OKI, in celebrating the vote of the Hamilton County Commissioners to award the Talent Collaborative $1M in ARPA funds over the next three years. In the spring, the County released an RFP for a partner to serve as the Workforce Coordination Entity for Hamilton County to help “provide the coordination necessary to better connect employers, workforce training programs and potential employees. The ultimate goal is to better connect and support Hamilton County employers and residents to jobs that will address talent shortages and create financial stability for residents.”


Collectively, the Talent Collaborative and partners will spend the next three years working on:

  • Expanding capacity among union-sponsored apprenticeship programs for electricians
  • Integrating immigrants and refugees into the local workforce to help increase the talent pipeline for companies
  • Educating individuals on high-demand career pathways and sectors, such as Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Launching a new interactive digital map of the regional workforce ecosystem to assist job seekers, employers, youth and service providers with navigating through the area’s workforce development resources
  • Creating a new website for The Talent Collaborative network to help enhance the coordination of services among workforce partners
  • Organizing a regional workforce summit and other events to convene workforce stakeholders and develop innovative solutions to make Hamilton County and the region a top destination for job seekers and employers
  • Expanding business relationships and facilitating company tours for individuals to explore different career pathways and opportunities


In particular, the Workforce Innovation Center will support several aspects of this work including facilitating company tours, improving the workforce ecosystem map, and convening workforce stakeholders while we also continue our consulting work to support employers in solving their most pressing internal talent priorities.


We are so appreciative of this investment by the Hamilton County Commissioners to the Talent Collaborative and our other partners. We are excited for the work ahead to improve system coordination of workforce partners/programs and experiential opportunities with businesses that will be transformational for people and employers in our community. Employers looking to showcase your workplace with these partners, please let me know. We will be launching that initiative in 2024.

Audrey Treasure

Audrey Treasure

Executive Director, Workforce Innovation Center


Skidmore Enterprises

We have the privilege of working with employers across the region to support their workforce and talent priorities. This month, we are excited to feature Skidmore Enterprises’ successes from engaging with us, but don't take it from us. Check out this brief video to hear from their CEO, Doug Skidmore, about why he believes the Workforce Innovation Center is a unique resource for employers in the Cincinnati region and how working with us can help your company build for the future.

Watch Doug's Testimonial

Women of Color in Tech

The Cincinnati Chamber and the Workforce Innovation Center are pleased to launch the Women of Color in Tech initiative made possible through an investment by JPMorgan Chase and a partnership with Google. By partnering with four outstanding local organizations: The Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio, Community Action Agency – Cincinnati/Hamilton County, The Gaskins Foundation, and Brighton Center, the Women of Color in Tech initiative is bringing 500 free Google Certifications to women of color looking to advance their lives with new skills. Partner organizations will be providing support and additional resources to participants throughout the program.

Employers interested in hiring graduates or upskilling employees with this program can become part of the Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium. Learn more by visiting and reading the press release.

Learn More

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As your teams prepare for 2024, consider engaging with us on a Policy and Practice Review. With this service, you'll get actionable insights on making your policies more inclusive and equitable with improved language and accessibility for your employees to better understand and value all that you offer them. This service helps to modernize your workplace’s Employee Handbook and is a great way to start the new year.

If your company signs on before the end of 2023, you will receive a 35% discount on the Policy and Practice Review at the basic level.

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