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The people who power your organization are those who deliver services to your clients, produce goods that customers buy, and solve problems that make your business’ purpose real. These employees are crucial to your success both now and in the future. And yet, you may be missing out on vital information that they could share with you about how to improve your business, and what you could be doing to ensure they are engaged and plan to stay.

As an independent third party, the Workforce Innovation Center offers you – the employer – an anonymous employee survey to capture valuable insights about their experiences at your workplace. Our survey also goes beyond traditional engagement questions to learn what circumstances might be causing them to seek employment at other organizations. It includes questions like:

  • Do you feel like your voice and perspective are heard at work? 
  • Do you know how your role contributes to the mission of the company?
  • Is your manager open and receptive to your opinions and concerns?

And more personal questions like:

  • Are you struggling to balance family/home commitments with work commitments? 
  • How would you manage an unexpected $400 expense? 
  • When are you planning to leave the organization? 

And here is how the Workforce Innovation Center also enables your success – our dynamic consultant team takes the next step after gathering the information from your employees to then analyze it, finding the most important trends for your organization. From that analysis, we create a road map for what you can do next to best engage and retain your people.

Unemployment remains historically low nationally and across the Cincinnati region. Employers who can retain their talent and not waste time and resources because of unwanted turnover are the ones who hold the competitive advantage. Explore engaging with the Workforce Innovation Center to survey your team and learn what you can do to create an employee action plan that helps you engage and retain your most valuable asset – your people.


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Audrey Treasure

Audrey Treasure

Executive Director, Workforce Innovation Center


Farewell to Jill Meyer and Welcome to Brendon Cull

The Workforce Innovation Center was established in 2018 under Jill Meyer’s leadership as President and CEO of the Cincinnati Chamber. She had a vision for supporting businesses in adopting practices that help their organizations while also supporting employees. In May, Jill concluded 7.5 years of service to the organization, turning over the leadership to Brendon Cull who will continue to enable the efforts to fulfill the Center’s mission and vision for the Cincinnati region. Congratulations to Brendon and best wishes to Jill! 


New Council for Inclusive Capitalism Steward, North American Properties

Congratulations to WIC Advisory Board Member, Thomas Williams and North American Properties for recently joining the Council for Inclusive Capitalism as a Steward. North American Properties joins Cincinnati-based Nehemiah Manufacturing Company as a Steward along with local Allies the Workforce Innovation Center and the Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation. These Stewards and Allies are part of a global network of companies and organizations commited to taking action for an economy that works for all. Learn more about the Council for Inclusive Capitalism and read their recent update demonstrating more than 730 time-based and measurable commitments

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CINC is a series of free summer events that exposes interns and co-ops to all that Cincinnati has to offer by connecting students to each other and the region. The CINC Kick-Off will allow interns to connect, hear from a panel of local and highly engaged professionals, and have an opportunity to win several raffle items such as swag, sporting event tickets, and gift cards to local establishments. Share with your interns to join us to make the most of their experience this summer!
Learn more about CINC | Register for the CINC Kick-OFF Event


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