Our Pledge

We believe the Cincinnati region can be a beacon of inclusion and economic success for employees of all kinds resulting in long-term financial achievement, innovation, and sustainability for employers and thereby our community. To realize this vision, it will take our collective effort, resources, and honest commitment to strengthen policies and practices that enable our region’s talent and businesses to thrive.

As leaders of our region’s most respected and successful companies, we employ people who call our community home and, as such, play an essential role in catalyzing the shift in our workplace policies and practices to increase productivity, advancement, and equity.

The result of this collective belief and action will catalyze a burgeoning workforce yielding returns for employee and employer. Ultimately, we believe our will to foster a prosperous workforce will lead to our region’s quest for economic mobility and sustained progress.

This unifying belief leads each of us to:

Seek to understand the practical impacts of our practices and policies on our employees by gathering data from them to capture their experiences, impediments to success, needs and desires.

Examine our company’s culture, norms and formal procedures related to diversity, equity and inclusion to actively create a workplace where all individuals can thrive.

Share our lessons learned and learn from one another through sharing data and best practices with the goal of strengthening our collective knowledge.

In signing this pledge, I join in partnership with other business leaders across the Cincinnati region to commit our companies to transform capitalism and to move forward stronger than before, with a focus on our most important asset – our people – in service to them, their families, and the Cincinnati region that we love.