The business and economic conditions of our current day are unlike anything the United States has seen in recent memory. With rapidly shifting hiring and employment figures, more than 137,000 open roles with local employers, and competition for talent at all levels of organizations including retail organizations and professional services firms, employers are feverishly seeking ways to attract, retain and value their talent.  

Given these current conditions, now is the time for employers to take decisive action to evolve their talent practices to systemically improve their organizations and be employers that truly value their employees.  

Our own circumstances and the broader economic and labor market trends have cemented our view about the business imperative to adopt more inclusive practices. We need these inclusive practices in order to attract, retain, and value employees. This has greater urgency now than what we have seen in recent history. We recognize that trying to navigate each employer’s unique circumstances requires an individualized approach to their specific contexts and customized solutions to meet their unique needs.  

For these reasons and many others, we launched the Workforce Innovation Center within the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber to help companies solve their most pressing business challenges related to their talent and workforce. We do this with reliable tools and tailored consulting services that reveal insights and themes about an employer’s workforce and by providing tactical solutions to solve identified issues. We have a coordinated approach to help businesses implement recommended solutions that include connecting employers to organizations that are part of our region’s dynamic workforce and talent ecosystem. The Center’s solutions are helping companies reduce unwanted turnover, attract new sources of talent, and create diverse and inclusive cultures, all of which ultimately support the business’ bottom line.  

Companies in our region already have a track record of successfully implementing inclusive practices that have drawn national attention for their work. In April, the Workforce Innovation Center was pleased to partner with the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism to host “Inclusive Capitalism in Action: Lessons From the Cincinnati Region.” Featuring David Taylor and Damon Jones from P&G, Rodney McMullen and Tim Massa from The Kroger Co., Michael Fisher and Nerissa Morris of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and Dan Meyer and Michael Taylor of Nehemiah Manufacturing, these executives described each of their approaches to putting inclusive capitalism in action for the benefit of their organizations and the people they employ with tremendous insights for other companies. 

Through the Workforce Innovation Center and its services, partners and practical talent solutions, we are eager to continue to support employers in their journeys to create vibrant cultures for their business and employees to thrive. By doing this, we envision a region in which our employers conduct business differently, investing in their people as part of their long-term business strategy, with meaningful effects for their employees, their companies and our community as a whole. 

If you are ready to explore how you and your organization can grow and evolve, the Workforce Innovation Center is ready to engage with you. Learn more at  

Workforce Innovation Center Advisory Board Members: 

Dave Herche, Enerfab 
Brian Hodgett, Procter and Gamble 
Ellen Katz, Greater Cincinnati Foundation 
Tim Massa, The Kroger Co. 
Dan Meyer, Nehemiah Manufacturing 
Jill Meyer, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Julia Poston, EY, retired (Chair) 
Ed Rigaud, EnovaPremier, LLC 
Liza Smitherman, Jostin Construction (Vice Chair) 
Tom Williams, North American Properties